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Wheel Lock Revolving Carbine

High art decorated wheel lock revolving carbine with royal European Court styling and Russian motifs. The gun measures 31-1/2” overall, the barrel measures 17-3/4” and is approximately .40 cal. smooth bore. The armshows a 6-shot hand revolved cylinder which is locked by a spring attached to the top of the barrel. The stock is finely inlaid in ivory and bone with wire accents and 2 small pearl inlays, one at left reads “1617”, the one on right side shows the crest of a demonic cat holding a dagger. The cylinder shows exquisite quality brass overlay which is pierced and engraved in the form of a Russian eagle, 2 does, floral, birds and griffins. The work is exceptional. The inlays also are of fine quality and show decorations of demons, animals, serpents, griffin, mythical beasts, all in the 17th century style. The metal surfaces show some light to moderate pitting. It is our opinion that this fine little wheel lock carbine was actually made in the 19th or 20th century; however, whatever its age it is a work of art that a master gunsmith who could make it.

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