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Greetings weary travelers of tumblr, I am Not Thor Odinson or Oliver, which ever you prefer really?
Well I suppose I ought to explain myself. I love history and especially arms and armour, I am just a little too obsessed with mythology and Norse gods.

I love way to many TV shows and films to keep track of but I hope you find something you enjoy. Feel free to talk to me or message me anytime, I'm always happy to hear from followers and answer any question. I suggest you read my about my page before you follow. Adieu!
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Consisting of close-helmet, the skull of one piece with high roped comb, two-part visor, bevor, and single gorget-plate back and front, the skull and upper visor etched with bands enclosing Venus and genies within trophies-of-arms, the lower visor etched with roundels.  Gorget of single plate front and rear.  The breast and back-plates both etched with radiating bands of trophies terminating in the center of the breast with a male and a female portrait bust within roundels and in the center with an orb and cross engraved with the letter P, fitted with associated lance-rest filed with ornament, and single waist-plate. Tassets of six plates decorated en-suite.  Complete arm defenses comprising pauldrons of three plates embossed and etched with volutes, with profile busts in roundels, vambraces, upper and lower cannons, couters with closed wings and gauntlets with pointed cuffs.  Leg armour comprising cuisses of one plate and poleyns with wings terminating below the knee.  All plates of this armour with roped borders, etched with bands decorated with trophies-of-arms and on the front wings of the pauldrons two shaped cartouches showing Hercules carrying the two pillars.

Source: Peter Finer - Fine Antique Arms, Armour & Related Items 

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